SMSF is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sectors in the recent years.

Running your own super fund can have some significant benefits but there are also a lot of compliance issues you need to be aware of. We can help you set up your SMSF the right way, ensuring it remains compliant.

Benefits and Setup of SMSF

The benefits of managing your own SMSF includes but are not limited to:

  • Access concessional tax rate
  • Give you full control and flexibility of your fund’s investments
  • Reduce compliance & administration fees (conditions apply)

Despite the above benefits, managing your own SMSF is not necessarily suitable for everyone. We can explain to you in depth the pros and cons applied in your case and help you to decide.

We also guide you every step of the way from the setup of SMSF to transfer from your existing public fund, from annual super contribution to pension withdrawal.

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Annual Tax Compliance and Audit

We can prepare and lodge your audited annual tax return and financial statements, together with an investment strategy and members’ statements.

We will help you to understand the rules and the constraints of SMSF, and stay within them.